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Jumping on Box

I have been to other chiropractors for years suffering with sciatica and neck pain ,not getting the results and attention needed. Happily found Gravity Spinal and Dr. Van is thorough , creative and compassionate. He barely touches my neck , and wake up feeling relief. He makes me feel hopeful and I look forward to continue treatment. I cant recommend Dr.Van and the NUCCA procedure enough !

Bill H.

Going To Surf

Dr. Brandon Van Seters is very professional and uses the NUCCA techniques. His office uses the latest technology and machinery in his field. He takes photos every time so you can see your progress.. This was a totally new experience for me with great results. I highly recommend Dr. Brandon Van Seters

Kathleen P.

Exercising at Home

Dr. Brandon Van Seters is one of the top, if not THE top health care professional I've had the privilege of working with. I've been working with Dr. Van for the last 4 months and I'm feeling great! Not only is he a skilled NUCCA doctor, he's also kind, compassionate, responsive and prompt. He genuinely cares about his patients and makes their comfort and care his prioirty. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Van for Spinal Care in Orange County!

Alisha H.

Amputee Athlete

Dr. Van Seters is very professional and thorough. He utilizes a more gentle form of chiropractic care that does not involve crazy cracking of your joints. He has been helping me with my neck pain and TMJ pain. He is always very attentive to the muscles in my back that are contributing to the problem. As a fellow health care provider, I appreciate his honesty and attention. The location of his office is very convenient as well.

Boyd M.

Squat Workout

I use to go on the chiropractor for more them a year every 2 weeks and I had always this neck pain coming back. And with Dr. Brandon after 5 visit, no neck pain for more them 2 month without treatment, feeling great! The Dr is very friendly, I used to go a chiropractor 2-3times per month for 2 years (wasted lots of money) and always had to go back to keep getting adjustments. I’m so glad I found Dr. Van Seters, after 5 visits I no longer have neck pain and I’m holding my alignment longer. I wish I came to see him sooner. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Breno G.

Friends by the Lake

I’m just going to be upfront and honest here but It’s just life changing experience that you would always wanted in life — like It truly is! A treatment there is paramount and I’m truly honored to come there every time I visit. I absolutely have zero doubts that Gravity Spinal will match your expectations in the future 🙏🏾. Dr. Van your truly awesome and practice is highly honored

Jean-Miguel F.

Guy on SUP

Great Experience! Very knowledgeable, would highly recommend to anyone with chronic back issues. 10/10

Kate M.

Happy Senior Couple

I’ve come in quite a few times to see Dr. Van Seters and may I say what a difference it has made in my life. He is such a kind person and truly cares about his patients and work. He is incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy. I feel extremely comfortable when I’m in! He does a very thorough job every time. I have recommended him to multiple people personally. If you need any services in this area I highly recommend, 10/10

Confident Businesswoman

Dr.Van is very professional and thorough. He studies your X-ray, takes photos, and completes a physical exam before any type of adjustment. He adjusted the right side of my jaw using a NUCCA technique

Ada M.

David B.

Elderly Woman at Gym

I appreciate how considerate and attentive he is with both my dad and I. Thankful in how fair he is in pricing per appointment depending on the work given etc.

Briana M.

Man with Tattoos

Dr. Brandon Van Seters is an incredible chiropractor. On my first interaction his skill and passion were immediately noticed as something special. He explained everything to me thoroughly and made me feel right at home. His adjustment is comfortable and very effective! I feel great every time I see him, and thankful for all the help he has provided for me. Highly recommend!

Shane A.

On a Run

I have seen Dr. Van Seters for many different issues over the past few years. Neck, shoulder, lower back, etc! I am 100% confident in saying every time I leave his office in much better. His technique, compassion and healthy approach is wonderful. I have referred many friends without hesitation. He is the best!! Love Dr. V

Monica A.

Girl on SUP at sunset

Dr. Brandon is awesome. I totally recommend this office. I feel so much better after having my neck pain for such a long time. He is the best.

Yerrayong N.

Man running with bridge in background

Gravity Spinal Chiropractic is a great place!! Dr. Brandon was very welcoming, professional and personable! He took the time to explain the findings of my X-rays and discuss the best approach to make the adjustments I need to improve my overall health. After my first adjustment I already feel the positive effects. I will refer anyone I know to Dr. Brandon, he is a very caring doctor who takes the time to explain his approach to better my health and outlines the path we need to take together to get there.

Marcia F. 

Female Tennis Player

In my 18 years as a health & fitness professional, I have never experienced such positive and long-lasting physical results as I have under the care of Dr. Van Seters. Due to injuries and a physically demanding career, I have sought the help of several chiropractors and physical therapists over the years. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Van Seters because not only do I finally feel great and am able to do all the activities I need and want to do, but I don’t have to look for another practitioner ever again!

Janeen M.

Basketball Player

I love the NUCCA benefits that Dr. Brandon Van Seters, DC offers. No rough adjustments. It makes me feel better right away.

Debi V.


I have been struggling with problems with my body for a long time. I was even on disability last year. Here at gravity i FINALLY have begun to taste freedom and healing in my body. Brandons technique is a lot softer than chiropractors ive been to before, and ive actually begun to see results. Its not a wham bam thank you out the door you go either. He checks in with you before to see how progress is going, and after each session gives you some technique so to begin bettering your life outside the office. Im satisfied. You will be too

Tyler P.

Mountain Biking

Went in to get checked up on due to chronic back pain. What i really enjoyed and supported was the fact that he wasn’t simply just a typical chiropractor who just cracked your joints, Dr. Van Seters took the time to explain everything extremely thoroughly to me through scientific and medical research. Within the first session i already felt a drastic difference. He also took the time to make sure to check up on me the next day as well to see how i was my body was feeling. I would definitely recommend Dr. Van Seters to anyone who really values research and science driven results and makes sure each of his patients are truly cared for! I will definitely be going back.

Derek K.

Finally Neck Pain Relief!

Ran a half marathon after a back injury!

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