Brain- Body communication measured & it's impact on performance

November 13, 2018

 For this month's Educational Empowerment we are highlighting research not even available in print yet from the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology October 2018.  Currently only available online and will be published in print in October.  The study focused on the affects of Chiropractic adjustments on muscle strength. 





                         Nowadays every major sports team, athlete, and movie star have a Chiropractor on their team. Top performing athletes like Tom Brady and Jerry Rice attribute their longevity and ability to perform at a high level in the sport to consistent Chiropractic care.  More recently professional tennis player John Isner currently ranked #11 in the world attributes his ability to perform and stay on the court to Chiropractic care.    Check out Full Story Here   


                      Has anyone been following Mark Walhberg lately?  He currently has an INSANE work out regimen training for his next movie.  It includes waking up at 2:30am, multiple work outs per day, cryotherapy, and of course Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care is so important to Mark Wahlberg's training routine that he even takes his Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Vincent, on his private jet so he can get adjusted.  Check out Mark Wahlberg's instagram for the videos.     




                       It is evident more and more everyday that Chiropractic care has a huge impact on increasing performance.  But only until recently do we have the research and that give insight to the neural mechanism.  Check out this study below.     



                          Highlights from the study:

  • 30 subjects total: 18 received Chiropractic adjustments (spinal manipulation) to dysfunctional spinal joints 1 time, 12 control subjects received a sham adjustment 1 time.  

  • Muscle strength of the tibialis anterior muscle was measured  pre adjustment and one day after adjustment.

  • More of the muscle was activated following Chiropractic adjustments vs. control

  • Also following spinal manipulations there was a shortening of the silent period and an increase in the single unit I-wave amplitude.

  • No changes were observed following the control condition. 

  • These finding may have important clinical implications as they provide support that spinal manipulation can be used to strengthen muscles.                                                 






                                     Dr. Van's Reflection


           Basically scientists "turned off" a muscle in the leg by targeting a specific area of the brain with a magnet. This procedure is called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).  They then measured the electrical activity in the muscle with movement pre/post intervention.  


       After only one Chiropractic adjustment the people were able to activate more of that muscle AND do it faster versus control group.  This demonstrates increased brain - body connection.   This also suggests the benefits of the Chiropractic care are not only limited to the spine but the entire body.  


   Increasing and maintaining muscle strength is not only beneficial for those that want to perform at a high level, it is beneficial for everyone.  Independence; being able to be mobile and active is extremely important for all.  


             With the increasing incidence of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia their has been lots of research into its causes and cures.   It turns out it is a multifactorial disease and one major component is sedentary lifestyle.  Their is now a tremendous amount of literature on the benefits of an active lifestyle and better cognition.  So the key is to keep moving and Chiropractic care helps make that possible.   








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