Your brain on Chiropractic

August 30, 2018




 For this Edition of Educational Empowerment we are going to share my personal favorite research article; how Chiropractic care changes YOUR BRAIN! This research is conducted by one of Chiropractic's leading researcher; Dr. Heidi Haavik.  Dr. Haavik is a Chiropractor and Neurophysiologist out of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and Centre for Chiropractic Research, Auckland New Zealand.  The experiment was conducted at Aalborg University Hospital in Aalbrog, Denmark.  


         Experiment: 19 subjects were checked for spinal dysfunction and adjusted on 3 separate sessions.  EEG electrical brain activity was measured pre and post adjustment.  Control group received a sham adjustment just active and passive movement of head and neck.  

         Findings:  The control group had no change in brain activity.  The adjusted group showed an average of 20% CHANGE IN BRAIN ACTIVITY. Specifically in an area of the brain called the Prefrontal Cortex.  The Prefrontal Cortex is the area of the brain involved in 'executive function'.  


"The prefrontal cortex is known to be a key structure responsible for the performance of what is known as “executive functions”. Executive function is the mechanism by which the brain integrates and coordinates the operations of multiple neural systems to solve problems and achieve goals based on the ever-changing environment around us. Executive function is considered to be a product of the coordinated operation of various neural systems and is essential for achieving any particular goal. The prefrontal cortex is believed to be the main brain structure responsible for enabling this coordination and control. It requires planning a sequence of subtasks to accomplish a goal, focusing attention on relevant information as well as inhibiting irrelevant distractors, being able to switch attention between tasks, monitoring memory, initiation of activity, and responding to stimuli. A change in prefrontal activity following chiropractic care may therefore explain and/or link some of the varied improvements in neural function previously observed in the literature, such as improved joint position sense error, reaction time, cortical processing, cortical sensorimotor integration, reflex excitability, motor control, and lower limb muscle strength."


Haavik H, et al.  Manipulation of dysfunctional spinal joints affects senorimotor integration in the prefrontal cortex: a brain source localization study. Neural Plasticity. 2016. 


What's most exciting about this research is that it is the latest of several similar experiments that all have the same finding... Chiropractic care changes your brain! Brain health has become a hot topic recently for the dramatic increase in Neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer's & Dementia.  Our bodies are out-living our brains.  





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