The power of posture

August 2, 2018



  Gravity Spinal Health Movement supporting our mission to create healthier, more connected communities. One of the founding principles at Gravity Spinal Chiropractic is Educational Empowerment because we believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.    


        As part of Educational Empowerment we are sharing social psychologist and Harvard Business school Professor Amy Cuddy's 2012 Ted Talk titled Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.  To this day it is one of the most watched Ted Talks with over 46 MILLION views and transcribed to over 51 languages.  I know what you might be thinking...... 2012? thats not new! But the reason I share this now is because her talk and research sparked a heated scholarly debate.  Her ideas are so far ahead of her time and such a huge paradigm shift it was tough for most people in the scientific community to comprehend.  After 5 years the debate is starting to settle and the results are in..... the science SUPPORTS her conclusions.  


Main Points from the Video: 


1.  Your body language (structure) not only influences how other people see you, it more importantly it effects how you perceive yourself.  


2.  The STUDY: Two groups; one group in strong expansive posture and the other in withdrawal/ closed posture for ONE MINUTE.   Then they drew blood, measured the stress hormone cortisol and the confidence hormone testosterone.  They found that the expansive posture group had less stress hormone and more confidence hormone.  The opposite was true for the closed posture group; more stress hormone and less confidence hormone.  





      The condition of the structure of your body can greatly influence your state of mind.  If only ONE MINUTE of poor posture can cause an increase in Stress hormone and a decrease in Confidence hormone imagine what a lifetime can do!  The thing about posture is unless you are consciously aware of it, it is unconscious based on reflexive cues from the spine.  What this means is that it happens without conscious awareness based on the state and condition of your spine. And what is the best way to unconsciously influence your posture for lasting postural changes? Corrective Chiropractic Care!  



Video Link: 

Amy Cuddy Ted Talk : Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are



Scholarly Articles Link: 


Amy Cuddy's Research Article




Most Recent Review of Amy Cuddy's research article and others like it


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