Linguistics: Insights to a deeper meaning

May 16, 2018

As a Doctor of Chiropractic I am obsessed with COMMUNICATION of all kinds.  Most paramount in my obsession is Brain-Body communication; but all forms of communication spark my interest.  In my perpetual exploration I found myself interested in linguistics.  Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure.  This lead me to further inquiry of commonly used sayings and the meaning behind them.  We all know age old sayings of "follow your heart" and "listen to your gut".  What is the history behind these sayings and how did they become so common place?  I believe the answer lies in collective human experience.  The same place most sayings come from they have withstood the test of time because we can all relate to them.  We can all relate to experiences of actually taking action based on emotions or  listening to the wisdom within us.  But have you actually ever looked deeper into the meaning of these sayings?


As I've mentioned in previous posts the brain is the most dense collection of neurons in the human body and  your spinal cord is the second most dense collection of neurons. Did you know that your gut is the next most dense collection of neurons.  This is why science has dubbed it the "second brain" (Spinal cord gets grouped with the brain). Your gut has about as many neurons as that of a cats brain! Did you know the heart has the next most dense collection of neurons.  With a collection of neurons there is also the potential for intelligence.  So modern neuroscience has actually supported the common sayings of "follow your heart" or "listen to your gut". 


But what about he common saying of someone has a "strong backbone" or someone is "spineless".   A backbone or spine has been closely tied to the idea of character.  Spineless is actually in the dictionary and means 1. having no spine or backbone; invertebrates well thats a given but what I find more interesting is the second meaning     2. lacking resolution, weak and purposeless.  


I trust the wisdom of those who have come before me and believe their is merit in the meaning behind these proverbs .   I take care of my spine because I believe it greatly influences my character; you wouldn't want to be called spineless would you?



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