YOUR SPINE: Structural & Neurological Bridge between Brain & Body

March 30, 2018






          You may have been wondering why a Chiropractor is talking about Gut health.  That is a great question.  Chiropractors are Doctors of the Nervous/Nerve/ Electrical system.  The basic function of the Nerve system are 1. sensory input  2. integration  3. motor output.   So our actions (motor output) are based on our assumptions (sensory input).  To make the best decision possible it is important to have all the necessary information.  Well what if you only had 90% of the information or less 80%, 70%, 60%?  This is what is going on in your BRAIN.  Your spinal cord and vagus nerve are the SUPERHIGHWAY that transmit the sensory information from your body.  What if some of that information from your body was not reaching your BRAIN because of damage to your SPINE.  Not only is that going to negatively impact your body's ability to functioning but it actually negatively impacts your ability to make decisions.  Your Spine is a BRIDGE that connects your Brain to your Body.   Has anyone tried to get into New York City or San Francisco at rush hour by bridge? It is a guaranteed traffic jam because the bridge is limiting as to how many cars can cross at once.  So make sure your bridge has all the lanes open, no construction, or accidents so all the information can get where it needs to.  

       WHAT? MY ABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS?  Well your Gut is considered your 2nd brain because it has about as many neurons as a cats brain.  Now I wouldn't trust a cat to balance my check book HOWEVER they do have great instincts. That is where the sayings "Listen to your Gut" or "Gut feelings" come from.  Your Gut can provide valuable information when making decisions.   



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