Prebiotics : Supporting your microbiota

March 12, 2018





Now that we know that a proper population of mutualistic microorganisms that support the host with enzymes, proteins, anti-inflammatory cytokines, short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and essential vitamins is required for optimal host health.  The next step is to support those 'good' microorganisms in your gut.  It doesn't matter if you take probiotics if you cannot support them with the right diet/environment they will not take hold.  


The best way to support your new 'good' microorganism is through diet.  If you eat a diet high in sugar and processed grains, the microorganisms in your gut will be ones that thrive with this food source.  Unfortunately microorganisms that thrive in a sugar and processed grain diet are not 'good' microorganism because they do not provide the host with metabolic benefits.  

The best food for 'good' mircroorganism are those high in Microbiota Accessible Carbohydrates (MACs).  These are considered Prebiotics; prebiotics is defined as substances that specifically support the growth and/or activity of health promoting or 'good' microorganisms.  


Take aways: 


1. To best support the microorganisms that support you are to eat foods high in Microbiota Accessible Carbohydrates or prebiotics like: 


* Acacia Gum (supplement) 

* Jicama or Mexican Yam





*Dandelion Greens 

* Chicory Root

*Jerusalem Artichoke 





2.  Eat a diet low in sugar and processed grains.








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