January 20, 2018




One of the KEYS to life is MOMENTUM.  I believe every day is a fresh start.  The best OPPORTUNITY to create momentum is FIRST THING in the morning.  Momentum is CREATED by tying several wins together.  This is why Navy Seals Admiral William McRaven makes his bed first thing in the morning.  It is a guaranteed WIN.  



My morning routine is tailored and ever evolving but is based on biochemistry, hormonal rhythms of the body, motivation, momentum, and my own trial & error.  So I encourage everyone to create your perfect morning.  The same framework can be applied.  


1. Wake up. Make Bed. Guaranteed WIN. 


2. HYDRATE. Drink 1-2 glasses of water.   


3.  SUNLIGHT.  Get sunlight as soon as possible.  Sunlight works better than coffee! Not to mention the daily dose of Vitamin D.  


                                         (1-10 minutes) 


4. PERSPECTIVE. While basking in the sun think about how lucky you are and be grateful.  Another way to gain perspective is to read. 

Most mornings when I only have a short period of time I prefer to read books with short bite size chunks. 

The first is Wisdom for the Way: Wise Words for Busy People by Charles R. Swindoll.

The second is Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss.  Tim Ferriss is a master at asking questions and getting a perspective into some of the most successful people on the planet's mind.  Success leaves breadcrumbs. 

If you have more time their are many educational and motivational videos on YouTube, TED Talks, TED ED, podcasts, audible etc.  Or read anything and everything on my kindle.  


5. MOVEMENT. I prefer Gravity squat and Gravity Stretch. (More on those later) Surfing is also a preferred form of movement.  


6.  Good FATS.  Whatever you eat first thing in the morning your body is more likely to burn that fuel kickstarting that pathway.  So eating good fats in the morning will stimulate your body to start burning fat for fuel.  Kickstarting the fat burning pathway is extremely important to METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY which we will get into in a later post.  

My favorite morning fat is Bulletproof coffee.  HOWEVER I do not drink my coffee when I first get up.  I wait 1.5-2 hours once my cortisol levels have dropped to get the most out of the caffeine.  

Bulletproof Coffee recipe:  

4 Tbsp of Bulletproof or organic coffee. 

1 tsp - 2 tbsp Brain octane, XCT oil, MCT oil, coconut oil

1 tsp - 1 tbsp grass fed butter or ghee


Add -ons:

ceylon cinnamon

collagen protein





7. WAITing 1.5-2 hours before you consume caffeine or fats will decrease your total time eating per day.  The goal is to limit food consumption to 6-11 hours span for the day to allow your body a chance to digest, eliminate, and repair.  


8.  MEDITATE. Even for just 5 minutes.  I like guided meditations like from Tara Brach, PhD at .    Tony Robbin's describes the mind like a kite on a string.  Breathe is the string. So by bringing awareness to your breathe you can able to calm the mind.  


1. WIN.                                              5. MOVEMENT.

2. HYRDATE.                                     6. FATS.

3. SUNLIGHT.                                    7. WAIT.

4. PERSPECTIVE.                              8. MEDITATE.


This is my MORNING MOMENTUM so I encourage you use it, to change it up, or create your own.  Share your perfect morning  below!

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