The Potential Power of Movement : Untapped Brain Power

January 8, 2018





When people think of Chiropractors people think of Back Doctors.  This is understandably so because Chiropractors  take care of the spine and structure.  However Chiropractors are actually Doctors of the Nervous system, the nerve system, or as I like to describe the electrical system.  To effect the the nerve system you have to alter a stimuli or sensation to that nerve system.  Our conscious sensory input is minor compared to the tremendous amount of unconscious sensory input.  A Ted Ed video uses the term Spontaneous Brain Activity to include the unconscious sensory input and the unconscious motor output.   One of these conscious and unconscious sensory input is called proprioception.  Proprioception is responsible for telling our brains where our body is in relation to gravity.  Since we cannot escape gravity, our brains are constantly getting proprioceptive input from our body.  One of the most proprioceptively dense areas of the body is the spinal column. So when accidents and injuries lay down scar tissue and decrease the movement of our spinal column we are missing out on Brain Power! 

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