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NUCCA Chiropracic

NUCCA Chiropractic is an gentle, precise, and effective procedure to correct spinal misalignments.  NUCCA Chiropractic focuses on the top two bones of the neck and their relationship to the skull.  NUCCA Chiropractic restores the head and neck alignment to a more optimal position restoring the center of gravity of the spine. This allows the rest of the spine to return to balance and stabilize for better, longer lasting results.  

Traditional Chiropractic 

Traditional Chiropractic focuses on restoring function and mobility to the spinal joints.  We have found that in conjunction with NUCCA Chiropractic this is necessary less frequently  so the spine can stabilize and heal in alignment.  

Gravity Spinal Rehabilitation

Educate and instruct how to properly take care of your spine.  This includes lifestyle spine sparring advice and corrective exercises focused at aiding in stabilizing the spine.  

Gravity Spinal Empowerment

We are so passionate about spinal care we would love to share it with your business, association,  group,  class, or club.  Email gravityspinal@gmail.com for more information.