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"Body posture is a fundamental indicator for assessing health and quality of life." 

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      What is posture? 

Posture is the habitual pattern of how you hold yourself and interact with gravity.  There is a portion of your posture that you can momentarily control consciously like when Mom says 'sit up straight' at the dinner table.  However a majority of your posture is regulated by the structure of your spine.

Why does it matter?

 Posture can tell a lot about the condition of your spine.  Posture has even been referred to "a window to the spine".  So when the structural of your spine is imbalanced it will reflect in your posture. 

How does structural imbalance of the spine reflect in posture?

In many ways including but not limited to:  


One hip higher than the other. 


  One shoulder higher than the other.

    Head rotated or tilted.


        These postural manifestations are due to underlying structural imbalances in your spine. 


What causes structural imbalances of the spine?

Structural imbalances are caused by accidents, injuries, or chronic repetitive positions that damage the soft tissues surrounding the spine holding it in its proper position.  This causes your spine to get locked in an imbalanced position. Long term effects of your spine being stuck in an an imbalanced position is pain, discomfort, disc & spinal degeneration.  


What can Gravity Spinal Chiropractic do to help?

         It's our specialty! At Gravity Spinal Chiropractic we specialize in restoring structural balance to the spine.    

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