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New Research: Upper Cervical spine connects to your spinal cord

New Research Upper Cervical Spine Anatomy Research

In short YES! It is known as the myodural bridge. This myodural bridge has been in the medical literature but a recent study in Cureus May 2022 confirmed its presence. You may think that we have discovered all aspects of human anatomy, in reality we continue to discover new structures.

In a recent study by Frank Scali et al. published in Cureus May 2022 looked at 16 cadavers and found the presence of a connection between the upper cervical spine and the spinal cord in all 16 cadavers. This connection is unique to the upper cervical spine and is found no where else in the spine.

Scali F, Ohno A, Enix D, Hassan S. The Posterior Atlantooccipital Membrane: The Anchor for the Myodural Bridge and Meningovertebral Structures. Cureus. 2022 May 30;14(5):e25484. doi: 10.7759/cureus.25484. PMID: 35686279; PMCID: PMC9170425.

Importance of the Upper Cervical Spine

So why does this matter? It is further evidence of the uniqueness and importance of the upper cervical spine. If you have had an injury to your head or neck this connection could result in negative consequences for your health. Further research is need to study to potential health implications of this connection. Does it contribute to migraines, headaches, vertigo and many other so called invisible illnesses?

NUCCA Chiropractors Upper Cervical Spine Specialists

When addressing the upper cervical spine it is important to incorporate a specialist. Many chiropractors adjust the upper cervical spine but few have to knowledge or training to correct it. NUCCA chiropractors are some of the few whose sole purpose is to restore balance to the upper neck.

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