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Adams Study

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Why should I go to a Chiropractor?

Adams Study

Non-chiropractic researchers from Australia, Germany, and Sweden wanted to research why people go to Chiropractors. So they analyzed previously complied data from the 2012 U.S. National Health Interview Survey. 34,525 U.S. households participated in the survey.

Adams J, et al. The prevalence, patterns, and predictors of Chiropractic use among US adults: Results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. Spine. 2017; 42(23):1810-1816.

Why do people see Chiropractors?

1. Back pain or back problems: 63.2% 2. Neck pain or neck problems: 30.2% 3. Joint pain or stiffness: 13.6% 4. Muscle or bone pain: 9.0% 5. Severe headache or migraine: 4.7% 6. Arthritis: 4.7% 7. Chronic pain: 3.9%

Did Chiropractic help your specific health condition?

1. A great deal: 64.5% 2. Some: 25.8% 3. Only a little: 6.1% 4. Not at all: 3.5%

Side Effects of Chiropractic

1. Improve overall health & make you feel better: 66.9% 2. Help sleep better: 41.9% 3. Help reduce stress level or to relax: 40.2% 4. Make it easier to cope with your health problems: 38.5% 5. Give a sense of control over health: 32.5% 6. Help you feel better emotionally: 27.4% 7. Improve attendance at work or school: 17.0% 8. Improve your relationship with others: 13.3%

Is Chiropractic the key to health?

I believe Chiropractic care is the missing piece in many people's health journey.

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