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NUCCA Chiropractic


        NUCCA Chiropractic is gentle, precise, and effective approach to spinal care.  NUCCA Chiropractic focuses on a region of the spine known as the Upper Cervical spine or Cranio-cervical junction.  This region consists of the first two cervical (neck) vertebrae. The upper cervical region of the spine is by far the most unique region of the spine.  The first cervical vertebrae is a ring-like structure located under your skull and on top of your spine; it does not have interlocking joints or discs like the rest of the spine.  This uniqueness leaves it most susceptible to misalignment due to accident and injury. 

          When the first cervical vertebrae misaligns it causes other areas of the spine to compensate.  This compensation forces the spine into a stressed position.  NUCCA chiropractic determines the exact 3-D misalignment of the first cervical vertebrae through radiologic imaging. A precise and gentle correction of the first cervical vertebrae restores balance to the spine.