"Cervical muscles have numerous connections with vestibular, visual and higher centers, and their interactions can produce effective proprioceptive input. Dysfunction of the cervical proprioception because of various neck problems can alter orientation in space and cause a sensation of disequilibrium."

-Cervicogenic Dizziness. 

Oxford Medical Case Reports 2019

What is cervicogenic dizziness?

  Cervicogenic dizziness (CGD) is a syndrome of neck pain accompanied by an illusory sensation of motion and disequilibrium due to neck pathology. 

How do I know dizziness is related to my neck ?

Pain can originate from many structures of the neck.  Some include the discs, joints, ligaments and muscles.  The dizziness is associated with movement of the head and neck accompanied with pain. We conduct specific tests in the office help determine the role of your neck in your dizziness. 

How can NUCCA help?

NUCCA returns the head and neck to proper alignment restoring the center of gravity to the spine.  This allows the pain causing structures of the neck to properly heal so they no longer signal the brain. 

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