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Post-Concussion Syndrome


"Cervical injuries and concussion can share similar mechanisms and nearly identical symptoms or causes. Therefore, symptoms or causes alone may be insufficient to differentiate between patients with a concussion and patients with cervical injuries."

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      What is a concussion? 

A concussion is caused by an accident or injury that results in a rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain.  This damages brain tissue and alters metabolic function. 


80-90% of people who experience a concussion recover in 7-10 days.  However this means that 10-20% have lingering symptoms.   

What does my neck have to do with Post Concussion Syndrome?

It takes 60-120 G forces to produce a concussion and only 4.5 G forces to cause a strain injury to the neck.  In an article by Ellis et al  in the Journal Head Trauma Rehab 2018 found that patients who experience a neck injury and concussion are 4x more likely to have continued concussion symptoms beyond 30 days.    


What can Gravity Spinal Chiropractic do to help?

        Restoring balance and function to the neck is an essential component of recovery after a concussion.      

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