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Restore Balance to your Posture
Relieve your Pain with NUCCA Care





A conversation with the Doctor to determine if NUCCA care is right for you.




Comprehensive orthopedic, neurologic, structural, and radiologic testing to determine the nature of the problem and how to help. 

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Begin Care

Based on your testing results the Doctor will customize a plan to achieve your goals. 


Jumping on Box

"I use to go on the chiropractor for more them a year every 2 weeks and I had always this neck pain coming back. And with Dr. Brandon after 5 visit, no neck pain for more them 2 month without treatment, feeling great! The Dr is very friendly,

I used to go a chiropractor 2-3 times per month for 2 years (wasted lots of money) and always had to go back to keep getting adjustments. I’m so glad I found Dr. Van Seters, after 5 visits I no longer have neck pain and I’m holding my alignment longer. I wish I came to see him sooner."

Breno G.

Yoga at Home

"I used to get daily headaches. After a few visits at Dr. Brandon's office, the headaches went away. This is not your traditional crack your back chiropractor, which I always disliked. Brandon uses a different type of chiropractic technique called NUCCA, where your top vertebra gets aligned to your head and then the rest of your spine falls into place. Its nothing short of a miracle! Thank you, Dr. Brandon!

Jose F.  

Exercising at Home

"I’ve been having neck pain/tech neck for years and have been seeing various chiropractors before seeing Dr. Van Seters. His technique is very gentle yet very effective. My neck pain is gone immediately after and effects from his treatment are felt days after which is longer than any other chiropractor I’ve seen and this is after seeing him for just a few appointments. The effects will last longer once he is able to undo the years of pain and strain I’ve been having.

Ivy T.




4425 Jamboree Road Suite 261

Newport Beach 92660


Mon-Thurs:    9 am - 7 pm

“Body posture is a fundamental indicator for assessing health and quality of life."

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